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Marie McGrath lives in a small rural town in Maryland. She hopes to inspire others with her stories. Her favorite genres to read are YA Romance and Contemporary Fiction. She loves the color turquoise, lions, and listening to music.

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The Winter Heals


It was almost impossible to heal when everyone was out to get you.

Shelby Rowe was stuck between two worlds-the one she wanted and the one everyone else wanted for her. As the daughter of a prominent family in Honey Cove, Shelby's life was out of her control. Her friends, interests, and even her love life was controlled by others.

When a new girl moves to town, Shelby's life was turned upside down as she gets a glimpse of what life could be like-no obligations, no pressure. As the Christmas break begins, Shelby is left stuck between what is expected and what she feels is right. Split in half, Shelby has to make decisions to correct her life and heal her spirit.

Will she allow others to control who she is? Or will she finally go out on her own?

The Fall Changes

Brand new to Honey Cove, can Riley discover who she is and maybe find love?

When her parents separate, 16-year-old Riley Mills’ life gets turned upside down. In a new town, at a new school, Riley’s only desire is to remain invisible. But when she finds herself on the popular girls’ radar everything she started to build could come crumbling.

To make matters worse, she’s paired with a cute boy for an English project. When he leaves her at a diner, Riley wonders just how much she can trust him.

With homecoming fast approaching and rumors about her swirling, Riley must confront her true nature. Will she let go of everything she used to be? Or stick to her old ways?

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